Personally connecting with clients is a critical element of effective counselling and life-coaching. We have found that this can be achieved through face-to-face sessions, or online (mostly via Zoom), or a combination of the both. You choose.



Feel free to choose from one of our experienced practitioners, safe in the knowledge that they are experienced, well qualified and highly ethical.



See your therapist from the comfort of your own home!
One of the most exciting developments in counselling comes from marrying traditional therapist skills with free online software.
The advantages to this type of therapeutic setting are many!
  • Have your sessions in the comfort of your own home.
  • Cost effective and more economical.
  • See your therapist for sessions, no matter your distance.
  • Flexible times, when traditional hours don't apply.
Be part of the future of the therapeutic process!
This is held via secure Zoom© sessions with the counsellor of your choice. The client will need to ensure that they have a secure internet connection and are familiar with Skype. The client will have the option of voice or voice & video sessions, depending on their preference. Limited times available in the evenings/after-hours! Click here to read more!

Andrea Kellerman


Andrea Kellerman
B.A., H.E.D., B.A. Hons. Psych. , M.Ed Psych., Dipl.Adv. Hyp., ISNR registered Neurofeedback Practitioner. (Prac. No. PS0115207 and SAMHF 791953)

Andrea Kellerman focuses on helping people achieve their optimal potential. During online counselling sessions, the client and Andrea will establish what the client’s goals are, what he/she wants to change and what needs to be done to achieve those changes.

Skills are given to approach situations from different angles and bring about change, step by step. This is helpful for people with stress, insomnia, depression, anxiety and people who feel "stuck in life" and don’t know how to move forward achieve their goals.

Andrea can create a guided visualization CD after session which is sent to the client as an extra tool to facilitate more efficient change.

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Jenna Oertel
Jenna Oertel
B.A. Psych., B.A. Hons. Psych., Dip. H.R. Man. Professional Registered Counsellor, ISNR registered Neurofeedback Practitioner (PRC0011800)

Coming from a background in the public sector and having been part of a team that headed up eating disorder support groups, Jenna Oertel now practices within a private setting, where she helps individuals develop awareness and coping skills focused around their difficulties.

Online counseling provides a safe, confi dential and nonthreatening space to explore alternative and healthier means of realising one's optimal self. Counselling is helpful with individuals who have concerns regarding anxiety, depression, trauma, co-dependency, unhealthy relationships, parenting and boundaries.

The focus becomes about understanding, acceptance, taking responsibility and moving forward – enabling the client to feel more in control and confi dent about themself and their environment.

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