Brain fitness is becoming the progressive movement in mental health, where more and more people are noticing the benefits associated with changing and exercising the way the brain works! During these stressful times, life demands that we are able to think and act quickly and productively. Everyone has the potential to train their brain in order to acquire new information or function optimally. This is all done through learning and habituation. Learning takes place whenever we remember experiences from the past. Each time we encounter a new experience a pattern of electrical activity is created in our brain.

A fit brain that functions optimally, like having a fit body, requires a good workout. When taking part in our Re-Mind memory course, your brain becomes familiar with new concepts, is able to think differently, remembers better and learns valuable techniques with which to use the brain more efficiently.

What most people don’t know is that memories are patterns of electrical activity that create connections between the brain cells, called the neurons. When you repeat experiences, you are repeating the patterns of electrical signals until they become familiar. In other words, your brain is recognising similar events, until they become habitual and occur unconsciously. Knowing this about our brain, it would be a waste not to exercise it regularly! This means that our brain can get better and we should be able to remember more when we get older.

The Re-Mind classes take place in a group setting, which consists of fun interactive and stimulating games and fact-learning.

So, are memory courses effective?

Recently, several studies have been released that look at the value of memory training. They give us some interesting new reasons why we should all be training our memories, such as:

Using a strategy can help us remember better. Researchers in the ACTIVE trial, the largest study to date on memory training, recently reported that folks who used a strategy to “cluster” words they had to learn and remember (such as learning them in order, or by a common semantic theme) performed significantly better in remembering the words than folks who did not.

Coming to the Re-Mind classes will not just improve your memory but your overall performance as well. A recent UCLA study found that participants in a 6-week class on memory and brain health did better on tests of verbal recall and had greater memory self-efficacy. This study confirms earlier findings of the benefit of such courses.

Memory training works. A recent meta-analysis looking at 46 eligible studies on memory training published between 1967 and 2008 found that memory training has a significant effect on performance. The analysis further demonstrated that the number of strategies trained for was the most robust predictor of impact of the training. This finding strengthens the case for learning more than one way to remember (since we use different strategies in different situations).

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Andrea Kellerman
Andrea Kellerman
B.A., H.E.D., B.A. Hons. Psych. , M.Ed Psych., Dipl.Adv. Hyp., ISNR registered Neurofeedback Practitioner. (Prac. No. PS0115207 and SAMHF 791953)

Andrea Kellerman is a registered educational psychologist who has been working with children for the past 18 years. She has formerly worked as a qualified teacher and has lectured and taught children and adults at school, college and university level.

After having studied Psychology, Hypnotherapy and Neurofeedback/Brain Training, she worked in hospitals, a crisis centre and private practice where she has helped many people who suffer from anxiety, depression, stress, insomnia, eating disorders, concentration problems, ADD/ADHD, people who needed to stop smoking, lose weight and reduce phobias.

Furthermore, Andrea has helped many athletes to increase their sporting performance, achieving great success. Andrea was a member of the German National Vaulting team when she was younger and has won many titles, such as first places in German, International, Open American Championships and second places in the European and World Championships. Her sporting career and studies in the fields of Psychology, Biokinetics and Human Movement Science have given her unique knowledge and insight to work with and help athletes and others to reach their optimal performance level.

She is the co-founder of the EQ Advant-Edge Course and has worked hard to get the course to as many schools and children as possible.

Andrea has written numerous articles for different magazines and newspapers, such as the Sunday Times, Weigh-less Magazine, East Coast Radio Lifestyle Magazine, Breathe Magazine and many others. She has been interviewed by national and international radio and TV programmes for the last 20 years. Furthermore, she has given educational talks in different settings and is actively involved in growing the field of Neurofeedback/Brain Training, Hypnotherapy and Emotional Intelligence.

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Jenna Oertel - Secretary
Jenna Oertel - Secretary
B.A. Psych., B.A. Hons. Psych., Dip. H.R. Man. Professional Registered Counsellor, ISNR registered Neurofeedback Practitioner (PRC0011800)

Jenna Oertel became interested in the field of psychology while playing sports, where she travelled and played a lot of competitive tennis. It was here that she became interested not only in the sport, but the psychological nature of it too. She learned that success in sport was not only based on your talent, but on being both psychologically and mentally fit too.

It was here she changed her primary interest from excelling in the sporting field to focusing on studying the mind and individuals.

Jenna studied at the Stellenbosch University and completed her honours in psychology at the University of SA. During her honour's year she started an Eating Disorder Support Group together with Andrea Kellerman at the Westville Hospital.

Upon completing her honours Jenna started working as a group therapy counsellor for the Durban Manor Clinic. Here she worked with groups within two psychiatric hospital wards, tending to patients who experienced difficulty with Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar and many other disorders. Jenna here also formed part of the team that developed material such as an anger management programme, which is currently used today in both the psychiatric and corporate fields.

Jenna headed up her own Eating Disorder Support Group at a local church, where she has trained counsellors and which is still running today. Jenna has also completed a diploma in Human Resource Management, as another means to understand human nature in the working environment and to gain further understanding of the corporate environment and how psychology applies to it.

After having worked extensively in hospitals as well as private institutions and having acquired extensive knowledge about the mind and brain, as well as having trained in the field of Neurofeedback/Brain Training, she is currently working as a Neurofeedback/Brain Training practitioner and registered counsellor. Jenna is registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa.

"My passion has and always will be people, exploring ways to help them be both successful and content in their day-to-day life."

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