Through the use of interactive, engaging and fun educational styles of delivery, the EQ Advant-Edge course is designed to promote Emotional Wellbeing, Socially Appropriate Behaviour, Better Understanding of Selves and Others, as well as Physical Wellness. We help your children to be more confident, less anxious, teach them better intra and inter-personal skills and to be happier within themselves!

This is achieved through various lessons designed around these topics, delivered by knowledgeable facilitators with a background in the field of Psychological studies. Our facilitators have been trained to make use of sound Social and Psychological theory and practice, to make each lesson not only enjoyable, but practical too!

Through visualisation and relaxation exercises, they will be taught how to take control of their emotions and self-esteem, giving them the tools to develop greater well-being and exercise equanimity, calmness and selfcomposure.

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