The Emotional Intelligence Charitable Trust was set up by the founders of EQ Advant-Edge, in order to equip the underprivileged children of South Africa with some of the advantages necessary to successfully navigate an ever-more changing and challenging world. For us at the EQ Trust, it is of paramount importance to create the opportunity for our children in South Africa to get a running start and good emotional foundation.

The courses have been put together for children, as an extra-mural activity or as part of their curriculum, to be delivered during school hours. The need for courses became evident as a result of our seeing more and more child-clientele who are lacking in sufficient emotional skills that would otherwise assist them to live a successful and fulfilling life.

As Daniel Goleman quoted in his research:
"IQ will get you through school, but EQ will get you through life." This is particularly true for the South African context.

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