Watch this space for payment options using Zapper!

In the mean time, try downloading the app and using our unique QR code to pay for your Skype session!

First,complete the Zapper transaction, then fill out the form below and submit your information to us. We will be in contact to confirm your payment and book an appropriate time for your session!


Zapper Skype session booking form

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Preferred Therapist Andrea Kellerman (Intake, 90 mins) R1030
Andrea Kellerman (Follow up, 60 min) R825
Doug Berry (Intake, 90 mins) R730
Doug Berry (Follow up, 60 min) R560
Jenna Dias (Intake, 90 mins) R730
Jenna Dias (Follow up, 60 min) R560
I have read the terms and conditions and accept* Yes

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