Train your brain not just your body
6 October 2016, 09:33

Imagine if treating problematic symptoms was as simple as watching a movie - except that your mind controls the quality of the experience. Neurofeedback therapy is training for your brain.  It strengthens the brain, calms it and improves stability.  In short, it rewires the brain.

During neurofeedback you learn to train your brain to correct the faulty brain wave activity, resulting in improved day-to-day functioning.  Like a muscle, your brain gets stronger the more you train it.  in many cases the results are permanent:  when the brain has been trained to move into the new brainwave-forms, symptoms can disappear completely and medication can be reduced or stopped.

Neurofeedback doesn't simply mask the symptoms but corrects the cause.  It has non of the side-effects associated with medication.

Brain training helps with:

- Better focus, attention & concentration levels and improved memory
- Improved task completion and organisation skills
- Aids relaxation and improves sleep
- Enhances moods and emotions
- Helps the brain to function at its optimal level

When the brain works better, you feel better and perform better.

So why only train your body if you can also train your brain?  Book your neurofeedback assessment today!

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