Different Personality Types
29 September 2016, 12:06

Our personality normally doesn't change.  You can work on your negative characteristics but our core personality generally stays the same.

It's important to understand who you are and rather work on accepting yourself.  Many of my clients try so hard to fit in or try to be liked by everyone.  Changing yourself and behaving against your personality traits means that your are not true to yourself.  This means that you use up lots of your energy and this leaves you feeling exhausted.  Not being yourself will ultimately make you feel burned out and unhappy.  Rather surround yourself with people who are positive and who are supportive of you.  This means that you can be yourself, feel happy and use your energy for things which are important to you.

Some personalities clash, some personalities fit better with being friends rather than work colleagues and visa versa.  Knowing yourself means that you can make the right choice of who should be in your life and who drains you. Be aware of this, make the right decisions and you will feel that your life is much calmer.  

Watch my video to pick up more tips on different personality types.

For more information on this topic or if you are interested in doing a personality test, please email me at
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