22 September 2016, 15:59

Your personality is who you ARE. Many people do not really like who they are but I generally see that they do not KNOW themselves well enough to like themselves.

Do you know yourself?  I mean, do you truly KNOW yourself?  

Taking a personality test can help a lot to understand yourself better and identify your positive characteristics.  Focusing on these will increase your self-esteem.  Many of my clients are working really hard to be someone else, to be liked more or to fit in.  The truth is that sometimes we do not fit in.  This is often not because you are a bad or unlikable person but because there is a personality clash between you and another person.  In addition, if you do not like yourself, you cannot expect others to like you.  Also, if you try to be someone whom you are not, you will never feel truly happy.

We all have positive and negative characteristics.  You have a choice of working on your negative characteristics or accepting them.  Moaning about them or being unhappy within yourself will never get you to your desired end goal- generally all we want is to feel happy, accepted and content inside.  This means that your first step should be to find out who you really are ....

Contact me for a personality test.  I am always happy to give feedback and answer any questions that you might have.  Email me 

Watch this week's video for more help in understanding the importance of finding out who you are.


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