Learning to identify your TRIGGERS
8 September 2016, 08:32

Over the last decade I have worked with many people, helping them with their anger management. I have come across people who get very ANGRY and have said that they cannot CONTROL their emotional outbursts, they become physically violent, emotionally abusive or throw things around. Some mentioned that they only see RED and REACT.  On the other hand I have had clients who said that they never get angry.  Both reactions are not good to have - the extreme anger and the inability to identify anger at all.

It is
NORMAL to get angry at times. This is part of our repertoire of emotions.  If you get angry  ALL the time it can be very toxic to your physical and mental health.  If you never get angry, or think that you never get angry, you might not be in tune with your emotions and might bottle things up inside of you without even knowing where it comes from or how to release it.

RESENTMENT have specific triggers in us.  Those triggers can be quite different from person to person.  This is why we react so differently to people and situations around us.  Triggers can be part of your value system, your morals, believes and personality.  For instance if someone lies to us, we can get really upset.

What are your triggers?

Take this week and identify them to understand yourself and control your anger or irritation better.

Watch this video for more tips on dealing with your anger.

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