Are you using the best communication style?
25 August 2016, 11:27

Have you come across a person who is angry, comes across as being irritated and is using bad language or has a negative vibe?  How do you feel when you are around a person like this? I bet you don't want to be around that person and find any excuse in your mind why you shouldn't spend time with him or her.

Or picture a person who is often sarcastic, is irritated, gets upset about things that are not so big or reacts in an irrational way. So you never know where you stand, you have to listen to negative comments or snarky remarks.  Do you like people like this? Would you want to be around them?

Then again, I'm sure you have come across people who don't say much.  You always make the decisions for them and they come along.  You are not quite sure if they enjoy themselves or if they are happy with your decisions but you make them anyway because someone has to.

All of those are BAD COMMUNICATION STYLES.  Could you identify them?  Are you maybe using one of them yourself?  If you do, you might find that you are not feeling very good in your life, might not think that others respect you and don't feel understood or valued.  

I see this quite often with my clients.  75% of problems are due to wrong communication styles, misunderstandings and incongruent messages.  Understanding your communication style and changing it can make a huge difference and help you get you what you want in life.

Try it out and give me some feedback on your successes and experiences.

Watch my video for more info and follow us for more hints and tips.

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