Train your brain to be more positive with six easy steps

Feeling negative and not always motivated to face a new day? Then it is time to start changing your mind. Being positive is a conscious choice you can make.

We have more than 400.000 thoughts a day. If most are negative you will automatically feel negative. Our thoughts changes into actions, which change into believe systems and habits. So it is critical to train our brains to be and think more positive.

6 easy steps to train your brain to be positive:

1. Focus on the positive of your day before falling asleep

When you focus on these positive events, you will fall asleep with positivist, having a better night’s rest and wake happier.

2. Then start the day visualizing your perfect d

You will be positive, more refreshed and surprised how nice your day will be. Remember that many people often focus on the negative events of the day which makes them feel down and upset. If you visualize your day working out the way you want it to you will look out to and focus on positive events. This will allow you to see the good in your day and you will feel better.

3. be grateful for what you have

Every time you brush your teeth think of all the things that you are grateful for, you have accomplished in your life already and everything you can do well. There is always something you can be grateful for, even if it is small. Make a list and repeat it in your mind every day. You will see how your list grows.

4. Positive re-affirmations

Make sure that you keep re-affirming your strengths. If you are in a stressful situation talk yourself through this situation with positive affirmations, e.g. “I can do this”, “I will find a solution to this problem”, “and I will stay calm and manage the situation well”. Staying calm and positive inhibits cortical (your stress hormone) production, helping you to cope better and stay in control.

5. Be aware of negative thought patterns

Being more aware of your thoughts will help to eliminate negative thoughts that creep up subconsciously. Tell yourself that you will not allow negative thoughts to come in. It may help to visualize a protective shield around you that does not allow those thoughts through. Your negative thoughts must be changed into positive thoughts, e.g. re-affirm what you have managed to do already, your good characteristics and your strengths.

6. Make it a routine

Practice these steps every day- after all it is brain training. It will become easier and easier to think positive. Later on you will not even have to think about it anymore, it will be part of your believe system because your brain will have created a new pathway for it.

Being positive does not come naturally for all of us, but with conscious effort we can change that. A positive mind will allow you to feel positive, to attract other people who are positive, and to reach your goals.

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