Avoiding heart disease & strokes saving the lives of millions

At a recent conference of the Indian Society of Cardiology hosted by Madras Medical Mission, doctors focused on non-pharmaceutical interventions for heart failure. Experts are becoming increasingly aware that the last decade has seen only very small incremental improvements or benefits with newer drug therapies in the treatment of heart failure.

Recent surveys show that nearly 20% of senior citizens have varying degrees of heart failure while one in 10 patients with a history of heart attacks had heart failure. Patients with a diagnosis of heart failure in general do not survive much more than five years. Heart disease is America’s No. 1 killer. In fact, in the U.S. alone, almost one million people suffer their first heart attack each year.

Many doctors do not believe that people have to be sitting ducks for deadly heart attacks or strokes for that matter. Heart disease can be prevented—and even reversed—with the right information and simple lifestyle adjustments. That said, most heart specialists have not the slightest idea of the most basic cause of heart disease and most doctors today have not the slightest idea about the benefits of good nutrition.

Even clinical nutritionists, card-carrying members of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics—generally known to the public by its old name, the American Dietetic Association—really know nothing about how malnutrition leads directly to heart attacks. That does not stop them from wanting legal control over who may provide nutrition counseling in a professional context. That means that they really want to see millions suffer and die. The ignorance of cardiologists about magnesium alone actually guarantees that heart disease will continue to kill a million people each year in America alone.

Predicting Heart Attacks—Doctors Don’t Have a Clue

Too often, people pass a cardiac check-up only to collapse with a heart attack days later. Today’s best tests can’t predict when that’s about to happen, or can they? If a doctor orders magnesium cellular test (as opposed to a blood serum test) he can have a good idea what’s in store for the patient if those levels are too low. But who needs a test? Any physician worth his weight in salt just has to ask a few questions to know. Do you eat white rice, white bread, white sugar, white pasta and/or white salt? If you do eat this type of diet, know that there is a 100% chance that you are deficient in magnesium! Why are these foods white? Because all the minerals have been taken out, that’s why!

Magnesium & Sudden Death by Cardiac Arrest
Magnesium deficiency appears to have caused
Eight million sudden coronary deaths in
America during the period 1940-1994. [1]

Paul Mason
Paul Mason, famously known as the magnesium librarian, wrote, “For decades, the evidence has been overwhelming that Americans are very deficient in Mg, as evidenced by the 23% shortfall from the RDI, yet the FDA and DOJ have covered up their blunder, getting a Federal lawsuit dismissed before the evidence could be shown, and keeping silent about the millions of deaths indicated by over 50 epidemiological studies from nine countries. Recent studies clearly confirm that water-borne Mg is far, far better in preventing cardiovascular pathologies than food-borne Mg.” Mason is the owner of a water mine that has the highest levels of magnesium and bicarbonate in the world!

In a study of postoperative ICU patients, [2] B. Cher now et al. found that the death rate was reduced from 41% to 13% for patients without hypomagnesaemia (low magnesium levels). Other post-heart-surgery studies showed that patients with hypomagnesaemia experienced more rhythm disorders. Time on the ventilator was longer, [3] and morbidity was higher than for patients with normal magnesium levels. Another study showed that a greater than 10% reduction of serum and intracellular magnesium concentrations was associated with a higher rate of postoperative ventricular arrhythmias. The administration of magnesium decreases the frequency of postoperative rhythm disorders after cardiac surgery.

Clearly magnesium deficiency is a major risk factor for survival of CHF patients. In animal experiments, magnesium has been shown to be involved in several steps of the atherosclerotic process as well as magnesium ions playing an extremely important role in CHF and various cardiac arrhythmias. [4]
Magnesium is also required for muscle relaxation. Lower m magnesium
Levels can result in symptoms ranging from tachycardia and
Fibrillation to constriction of the arteries, angina and instant death.

Due to lack of magnesium, the heart muscle can develop a spasm or cramp and stop beating. Most people, including doctors, don’t know it but without sufficient magnesium we will die. It is more than helpful to understand that our life span will be reduced if we run too long without sufficient magnesium in our cells and that the principle way our life is cut short is through cardiac arrest. Yet when someone dies of a heart attack people never say, “He died from magnesium deficiency.” Allopathic medicine is designed from the bottom up, [5] which means it ignores the true causes of death and disease. In the field of cardiology this is telling!

Magnesium is an important protective factor
For death from acute myocardial infarction. [6]
Forty percent of all first heart attacks end in death! One of the most important actions of magnesium is its vasodilating effects, which improves the blood supply to ischemic areas and reduces infarct size. A ten-year study of 2,182 men in Wales found that those eating diets low in magnesium had a 50% higher risk of sudden death from heart attacks than those eating one-third more magnesium. Also, high magnesium eaters were only half as likely to have any type of cardiovascular incident such as non-fatal heart attacks, strokes, angina (chest pain) or heart surgery. [7]

Magnesium and calcium work together to control muscle action though calcium becomes increasingly toxic in the face of any kind of magnesium deficiency. Calcium tightens the muscles; magnesium relaxes the muscles. With insufficient magnesium the muscles stay tense and may eventually cause a cramp in the muscle. This could happen when you have too much calcium or too little magnesium. Too much calcium causes the heart to go into a spasm and this can cause a heart attack.
The UN’s World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended drinking water contains 25-50 mg of magnesium per liter to prevent deaths from heart attack and stroke. American bottled water averages < 5 mg of magnesium (Mg) per liter, while bottled water in the rest of the world averages about 20 mg of magnesium per liter.

Since there is no drug that can substitute for magnesium, it is indicated for all heart patients. And so is the amino acid argentine, which is an important part of my cancer protocol. Dr. Joe Prendergast, a long-time expert on the power of L-argentine says, “Argentine uses the two natural pathways into the brain to promote anti-aging properties, sports performance, and boost the immune system. Because L-argentine promotes healthy blood flow, it can also benefit human sexuality.” Argentine overcomes cardiovascular issues and reverses arteriosclerosis. Dr. Prendergast is proud to say that all his patients through the last 17 years have managed to not succumb to any strokes, heart attacks or even to diabetes.
Argentine is used to treat conditions that improve with increased blood flow, such as chest pains, erectile dysfunction, clogged arteries, vascular disease and headaches, according to the Mayo Clinic.
Emotional Health

The heart is a vast electromagnetic generator and

The frequencies that are radiated out by the heart change

Dramatically depending on what emotional state a person is in.

Most western-trained minds immediately think of the pump, that miracle muscle and yes, that is partly what is meant when the word heart is used in the Bible and other spiritual places. Much can be said about the physical heart but beyond the physical is something more important and crucial to health and happiness and a life lived without heart disease.
Deep within us is our pure being that has incarnated into our body. This being is ultra sensitive and has been picking up subtle impressions from the environment through the heart centre of pure feeling even before we emerged from our mother’s womb. This being has its centre in the cardiac area of the body and the more closed it is, the weaker and more vulnerable the person (even a child) is to illness and disease.
I wrote Heart Health to help people understand the heart’s deep and mysterious ways. People often ask if a lack of love, if heartbreak or heartache can be detrimental to our health. Mother Theresa answered this when she said that, “Loneliness and isolation in the West” was the most significant “disease” she had encountered during her lifetime.

This book is a paradigm breaker in the field of cardiology. Magnesium – The Ultimate Heart Medicine offers a substantial breakthrough in cardiac medicine that can have a direct and positive impact on the lives of millions of people and their families. The last thing a Mom and her kids need is for Daddy to drop dead from magnesium deficiency.
Interesting I just received this note from a reader:

I have given many of my family law clients the details for your heart health book—it is a beautiful book that has changed my life and my relationship and got me only focused on the positives. Lots of love from me and Australia.

Special Note: It should surprise no one that spiraling is effective for people with cardiovascular disease as well as diabetes in terms of creating better lipid profiles, controlling hypertension, and increasing blood vessel elasticity. Diabetic patients given 2 grams of spiraling per day showed improved glycosylated hemoglobin and better lipid profiles. In an animal studies spiraling has prevented hypertension and vasoconstriction in rats fed fructose-rich diets, but rats fed fructose-rich diets without spiraling had those adverse health effects. Hamsters consuming spiraling were shown to be protected from developing atherosclerosis. There are hundreds of studies that show the medical horsepower of spiraling sustaining my recommendations about super foods for those who are interested in living longer and healthier lives here on planet earth.

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