Frequently asked questions on Neurofeedback.

Neurofeedback Training, what is it and how does that work?

At our practice, we also specialize in Neurofeedback training. This treatment is exciting for people who want to train their brain to function optimally. We see a lot of executives from different companies, athletes who train for important events but also children and adults who want to increase their wellbeing and performance. We assess the person's brain first with a mini QEEG which identifies areas in the brain that do not function optimally. Sensors are placed on the client’s scalp and ears to record the electrical activity of the brain waves. The brain waves are converted into signals which are sent to the clinician’s computer. Often we see over rounder activities in the brain which can lead to anxiety, depression, stress, insomnia or concentration and memory problems. Those areas are then trained upon down. The client is sitting in front of a computer monitor that displays agama or other programs. It is the client’s brain waves that start and play the program. If the client is not in the right brain wave, as is given to him/herby the sensors, the program does not work. Hence, the brain always looks for the right brain wave length in order to get the program to work properly. As the client interacts with the program, he/ she become aware of different brain states and learn how to shift into those states easily. Neurofeedback works on the positive reward principle. The brain remembers the positive feeling of the new, beneficial brain wave form and is able to reproduce it in everyday life situations. Thus symptoms disappear and moods are stabilized.

Neurofeedback trains the brain to eliminate negative symptoms. It is like going to gym for the brain. We generally train our body but should also train our brain. Many people find life stressful and feel they cannot cope well. Medication should not always be first option, especially if there is a way with which you can train your brain to function optimally. Neurofeedback training is not a quick fix and requires a number of sessions. However, once the brain is trained up it is permanent.

Is it safe to alter ones brain waves?

It is completely safe, and involves no more risk or danger than learning any new skill. Neurofeedback is a safe and effective method that encourages the brain's natural tendency to learn and change itself. Hence, most of our clients believe that everyone should do neurofeedback- gym your brain as part of your weekly exercise routine and perform better mentally!

Is it permanent?

The effects of Neurofeedback are, for the most part, permanent. The process followed is that of a natural learning process for the brain. Once the brain is trained up it stays in the optimal functioning level. Such change might only altered by new trauma.

How often should you do it for it to be effective?

Depending on age group, the more often the better, but on average twice per week would be optimal!

You have had serious success on athletes?

Yes, quite a few at this point, ranging from figure-skaters to competitive cyclists, swimmers, peddlers, tennis player, golfer and professional rugby players! Many find that they are calmer, more focused, can concentrate better, are not affected by outside negative influences such as spectators anymore and can sleep better. Their overall performance, strength and mental state improve greatly with our peak performance training. It is amazing how people change, feel and better.

Why is it so effective with them?

Athletes are accustomed to challenges, with which Neurofeedback definitely provides the brain. The mental aspect of performance is too often overlooked as a factoring the realm of achievement, which is where Neurofeedback stands out for the athlete. Nowadays athletes have the correct physical training and eating programs but donor perform optimally. More and more people realize that the mind plays a huge role in their ability to succeed. Our athletes are generally very driven and are looking for something that can give them the edge over their competition. We have seen it over and over again that athletes who have trained their minds with our peak performance program were able to achieve their goals easily.

Is there anybody that should avoid this treatment?

Neurofeedback safe and enjoyable and is accessible to clientele of all walks of life. The only real danger or risk is in seeking treatment from practitioners without psychological background, who are often under-qualified to deal with matters of a psychological nature.

Can kids do it?

Children most definitely can do it and those with learning difficulties and disorders such as ADD/ADHD make up a large portion of the population who make use of Neurofeedback, although Neurofeedback has applications for clientele of allege-group. We see a lot of children in the afternoons and have had great success in different areas already.

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