Bipolar symptoms disappear after Neurofeedback treatment

My Bipolar Disordermade me feel dead but through Neurofeedback I was brought back to life. Cellsin my brain have been revived. As though tans-formed by the renewing of my mindthrough stimulation of the brain.

In 1990 I ended upin Townhill following Manic episodesthat left my family with no alternate but to have me admitted to a mentalinstitution, revisited in 1991. Since then, a host of alternative choices ofmedication have been my only sanity for more meaningful, but never certaindurations of time. Variations in doses and types and adjustments of levels ofstabilizers and anti-depressants are the recorded history of my sad trail of myBipolar Disorder. There were some basic medical and natural processes thathelped keep me stay out of hospital, but never enough, as there was stillsomething majorly wrong, that labelled the chronic condition, PERMANENT.

I used to feelconfused, had strange dreams and night-mares, was sleeping restlessly, easilydistracted, had a messy handwriting, was filled with anger and agitation thathad no choice but to bring on depression and anxiety. My body, mind and soulwere just tired of relentless fear and failure.

Understandablyafter trying everything that is commonly available, feeling that there is nolight at the end of the tunnel, I was blaming everything and everyone butmyself, for my impatient, irritability with mood swings and felt like a spoiltbrat with a rather low self-esteem.

Then Neurofeedbacktreatment was introduced. Compared to being institutionalized, subjected tosleep therapy, and numerous periodic blood level tests, Neurofeedback has beena visit to Disneyland by comparison. The only negative symptoms were a form ofexhaustion after each brain exercise treatment session, and the length of time betweentreatments was too long. I could have lived in the clinic in the beginning,because there was suddenly more meaning to life. I looked forward to follow-uptreatments, because there was always something new to appreciate after eachsession. While wrestling with bad habits and taking responsibility for betterbehavioral patterns is no walk in the park, it is not as though I feltconsciously responsible for making any of the changes happen. While recovering,there are understandably life adjustments that have to be embraced to be ableto move on e.g. before, any form of physical exercise was just impossible. Intime however, starting with taking baby steps around the smallest block grew toan appreciation for and embrace of a regular routine that includes occasionalrunning now.

Without detailingthe list of undesirable habits eliminated, it is suffice to say that all thetraumas associated with each of the old sickness symptoms as mentioned earlier,make normal life an absolute pleasure. This is the simplest way for me to statethe last 6 to 8 months of still improving life, without the use of any chronicmedication to stabilize me, nor any need for anti- depressants. The use ofmedication was slowly cut back after about 60 treatments over a period of around25 weeks. Treatment twice a week was then reduced to weekly. I am now cuttingthat back further to a visit every two weeks. I am coping well and am off mymedication for more than 10 months already. This is close to a miracle.

Honestly, theHealth Centre has become a 2nd home that has so much to offer for abetter holistic existence. Systematically as it were, my bigger gremlins became smaller till eventhe smallest had been ironed out as- well. Thank you to Andrea, for the exceptional commitment to your profession,offering the most amazing solution to so many problems and illnesses of mind,body and soul.

It is truly amazinghow that technology of the Neurofeedback Training has been harnessed soeffectively to be used to help ascertain the imbalances brought on through oneor other of life’s hard knocks, and assist in the repair of the bodies’functionality so as to re-enable it to operate completely without medicationafter 21 years dependence at supposed Chronic levels.

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