Many of us tend to focus only on training our bodies without realising the importance of training our minds. If your brain is not functioning at its optimum level you may feel drained, tired, anxious, less motivated and stressed. That’s where we come in!

Backed by extensive research and development internationally, from government institutions in the USA to research centres in Europe, Neurofeedback training has been developed to assist your brain to function optimally.

All EQ Advant-Edge Neurofeedback practitioners are fully qualified, experienced and registered. Internationally registered medical devices which have proved to be effective are used in our brain training.

To find out how to protect yourself against under-qualified practitioners and ineffective devices, click here.

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An individual's brain is assessed first with a mini QEEG, which identifies areas in the brain that do not function optimally. Those areas are then trained up or down. The client sits in front of a computer program and the program will only function if the brain is in the correct brainwave that it receives from the sensors.

This trains the brain to eliminate symptoms like depression, anxiety, concentration problems (ADD/ADHD), insomnia and many more. Neurofeedback/Brain Training is like going to gym for the brain. It requires a number of sessions, but once the brain is trained up it works permanently at optimal level.

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We start by assessing the brain using a mini quantitative electroencephalogram (QEEG). This fascinating assessment helps us to determine the areas in your brain where there might be under, or over, activity.

Each area of our brain needs to work at a certain speed. We sometimes overuse certain parts and underuse others. After undergoing an assessment, we will be able to show you the extent to which you are using your brain effectively.

Our training plans are tailor-made for each client. By placing sensors on the scalp, we are able to stimulate the brain with the correct brainwave frequency – giving us the ability to assess the rate at which your brain is functioning. You will be having fun in front of a computer, interacting with a series of games and programmes which stimulate your thinking and function as tests. After a series of prescribed brain-training sessions, your brain will function better than ever.

In the same way that athletes train to excel at different sports, mental training can be focused to achieve specific outcomes.

At EQ Advant-Edge, we have developed a course for improved performance in the Corporate environment, and another tailored for competitive Athletes striving for success.

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Neurofeedback aims to reduce the negative psychological symptoms you face, leaving you happier, and with a more balanced state of mind so that you are able to function optimally. It can be done by anyone from ages 5-99.

It’s fun, enduring and without side effects. Once the brain has learned to recognise its optimal state, it’s able to automatically return to it.

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  • ADD/ADHD: better school marks, concentration and maturity with the possibility of no longer needing medication
  • Memory Problems: improved memory and better concentration
    • Anxiety: feel happier and more in control
    • Depression: feel more positive with improved selfesteem
    • Sleeping Problems: reset your sleeping patterns for the better
    • Autism/Asperger’s: improvement in speech, motor skills, memory, concentration, social interaction and emotions!
    • Traumatic Brain Injury: improvement in all-round brain function
    • Peak Performance in Athletes and Corporates: improves memory, relieves stress and enables you to think more effectively in any type of environment
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